A reputation built on reliable products

Drilling Department

LANmark Circuits specializes in PC boards and only PC boards. Our printed circuit boards are built with the highest quality materials, insuring a reliable product.

ISO qualified, UL certified, our engineering support offers solutions to make your project a success. Our experienced team can handle most types of printed circuit board jobs.

OUR CUSTOMERS—LANmark Circuits has a loyal following of PCB customers that span 25-30 years. Having long-term relationships with companies such as the military to private sector, Lanmark enjoys working with companies who take pride in their products.

Photo Department

CUSTOMER SERVICE— We are interested in the total relationship, and are here to service our customer, whether it be providing technical assistance for PCBs or answering questions after completion of the project.

STAFF—We pride ourselves on having long term employees who are cross-trained in printed circuit board manufacturing, bringing extensive knowledge in every aspect of production.

QUOTES—We provide same day, itemized quotes. In addition, we frequently can offer better solutions and options to building a PC board, providing ways to be more efficient that can save you money in the long run.

TURN AROUND—our specialty is quick turnaround. We build single and double-sided PCB prototypes in a day and multilayer PCBs in 72 hrs.


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